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Todd Z
Last Activity:
Apr 1, 2020 at 11:20 AM
Sep 21, 2003
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May 25
Suffolk County (Long Island), NY
Construction inspector / DJ / Mechanic

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Todd Z

Well-Known Member, Male, from Suffolk County (Long Island), NY

2nd Gen Owner V6 Engine V8 Engine
Todd Z was last seen:
Apr 1, 2020 at 11:20 AM
  • About

    May 25
    Suffolk County (Long Island), NY
    Construction inspector / DJ / Mechanic
    Zabteck Performance Owner...
    Former My Sport Trac Web Site Owner...
    Zabteck Music and sound DJ...

    I am the department manager of the Construction Services group in my office here On LI. I have an Automotive Engineering degree, And a B.S in Industrial Technology.

    I currently own 2 Sport Tracs. (I've had 4 so far)
    My 2010 Black XLT and a 2010 BLUE FLAME adrenalin !!! My wife Rachel and I are a 2 trac Family !!!

    My 2010 XLT

    LOOKS :
    1) Bentley Style Grill with Custom Ford lettering
    2) Adrenalin headlights
    3) Smoked Fogs
    4) Smoked led 3rd brake light
    5) OEM Adrenalin Wheels
    6) v6 Emblems
    7) NY Legal Tinted front windows
    8) Rain guards
    9) Hood bug guard
    10) Custom 12 Light strobes


    1) Zabteck Throttle body
    2) Stainless steel Headers
    3) Modified exhaust (Magnaflow cut in muffler)
    4) Xcal (Torrie)
    5) KKM intake

    AUDIO :

    1) Upgraded to OEM 6 disc Adrenalin Radio
    2) New 3 way Rockford Door speakers
    3) Installed OEM Adrenalin Amp and box with Rockford speaker

    1) Gem alarm
    2) OEM Remote start


    1) Hideaway strobes on all corners and sides
    2) Hide away strobes in third brake light

    2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin fully loaded.


    1) AVS Rain guards on doors
    2) AVS rear window rain guard
    3) Ford OEM Hood Guard
    4) Chrome anti theft Ford Logo Valve caps
    5) Recon 3rd brake light
    6) Zabteck throttle body
    7) Xcal 3 tuner ( Torries tunes)
    8) Wheel locks
    9) Bed mat
    10) Tinted Front Windows
    11) Remote Start
    12) Bed extender
    13) Power tailgate lock
    14) Magnaflow Cut in muffler
    15) K&N Intake
    16) Steeda Under Drive Crank and W/P Pulley
    17) Gates Blue Racing Belt
    18) Sultans of spark (PD) Coils
    19) Custom pin stripe
    20) Amsoil fluids in all diffs and steering
    21) Ford Racing fuel injectors
    22) Upgraded Control arms
    23) Moog quick struts
    24) Poly sway bar bushings

    MY 2003 ST ( SOLD)


    1) Hood Stripes (Removed)
    2) Pour 15 Painted Westin Push Bar (Removed)
    3) Pre Cut Front Window Tint
    4) 4X4 Stickers
    5) Pin Stripes
    6) Ventshade Rain Guards
    7) Painted EGR Fender Flairs
    8) ATS Molded Side Steps
    9) Painted Cladding
    10) Ventshade Rear Window Rain Guard
    11) Lund Hood Guard
    12) Custom windshield Lettering (Removed)
    13) Zabteck Performance Hood Scoop (www.zabteck.com)
    14) Sport Trac Rocker Panel Decals
    15) Rear cab spoiler
    16) Chrome Under hood dress up (www.Zabteck.com)
    17) Aluminum Ford racing Oil Fill Cap (removed)
    18) Stainless Steel Tie Down Bolts (www.zabteck.com)
    19) Stainless steel Roof Rack bolts (www.zabteck.com)
    20) Por-15 Painted trailer hitch
    21) Painted black Front OEM grill


    1) Custom leather door panel inserts
    2) Custom 2 tone Leather steering wheel
    3) USB ports added


    1) Wheelen Dash light
    2) Stinger Remote under hood digital battery Gauge
    3) Wheelen Rear window Light bar.
    4) Color Matched Headlights (www.zabteck.com)
    5) Color Matched Corner Lights (www.zabteck.com)
    6) TYC Black Rear Tail Lights (removed)
    7) Recon Led 3RD Brake Light (www.zabteck.com)
    8) Fogs on With Brights
    9) Fog light Switch Mod


    1) Greaseable Rear Sway Bar brackets (www.zabteck.com)
    2) EE Rear Sway Bar (www.explorerexpress.com)
    3) Monroe Reflex Shocks
    4) 1.25" Rear wheel spacers
    5) Zabteck 1.5" Front sway bar (www.Zabteck.com)
    6) Drilled and slotted Rotors Front and Rear (removed)
    7) Stainless steel flex brake hoses
    8) Wagner thermo quiet Rear Pads
    9) Wagner Severe Duty Front Pads


    1) Air bag Anti-theft kit
    2) Locking gas cap (Ford)
    3) Bed Extender Anti-Theft
    4) Lojack/w early warning
    5) Viper Remote Start/w theft alert
    6) Power tailgate Lock


    1) C.Wells Dual 8" speaker box
    2) Power Acoustics 8" Speakers
    3) 5x7 3 Way MTX Door Speakers
    4) 400W Extreme Amplifier
    5) JVC BT radio


    1) Modified Throttle Body (www.zabteck.com)
    2) Custom True Cold Air Intake (www.zabteck.com)
    3) XCAL2 w/ Torries Program! ( Dyno program from Doug)
    4) C&L MAF Meter (www.Zabteck.com)
    5) Aftermarket 30lb Injectors
    6) Breather Bypass mod ( www.zabteck.com)
    7) Under hood fuel pressure Gauge (www.zabteck.com)


    1) JBA Titanium coated Headers
    2) Random Tech Y pipe (www.Zabteck.com)
    3) Random tech High flow Cat (www.Zabteck.com)
    4) Flowmaster 40 series Delta Flow (Single in Dual out)
    A SUV 50 was removed, I wanted it louder (Removed)
    5) Installed full cat back stainless steel Magnaflow


    1) Higher Stall Converter(2800 rpm)(www.protorque.com)
    2) Transmission Shift Kit
    3) Larger Transmission pan (www.yourcovers.com)
    4) Higher pressure Transmission EPC solenoid
    5) EPC mod
    6) TFS Rear differential cover
    7) Amsoil gear lube (FT and Rear)
    8) Amsoil T-Case Lube
    9) B&M Electric fan Transmission cooler
    10) 4:56 Motorsport gears - Cobra LSD Rear end
    11) 4:56 Dana 35 Gears Front Diff


    1) P/D Live Wires Ignition Wires (Zabteck)
    2) Screamin Deamon Ignition Coil (Zabteck)
    3) Autolite APP103 Spark plugs
    4) Indexed Spark plugs


    1) ASP Under Drive crank pulley (www.zabteck.com)
    2) Under Drive Blue W/P pulley (www.zabteck.com)
    3) Under drive Blue Alt pulley (www.zabteck.com)
    4) Blue Idler pulley (www.zabteck.com)


    1) TPS mod (Voltage was .91 So I left it alone)
    2) Amsoil 10w30 In Motor
    3) Electric Cooling Fan (Mark 8 Fan from Dan V)(Removed)
    4) Autometer Coolant Temp Gauge (removed)
    5) Autometer Transmission temp Gauge


    1) Fog light switch mod
    2) Fogs on With Brights
    3) Ford Bed Mat
    4) Seat Covers Ft & B
    5) Coin Holder Mod
    6) Tool Tray
    7) Full Wheel Liners ( Removed)
    8) Oem Bed Extender
    9) Oem Bed Cover
    10) Wind Noise Mod
    11) Door Edge Guards
    12) All weather floor mats
    13) Bed Mat
    14) Class III trailer hitch


    2010 XLT Black "adrenalin" look alike
    2010 Blue Flame Adrenalin
    Sold 2003 Estate Green XLT "The Beast Green Machine"
    Sold 2004 Black Adrenalin
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