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Radio and 4x4 controls out. Brake and open doors light are on. PLEASE HELP!

Thread in 'Electrical - General' started by Bjorn, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Bjorn

    Bjorn Member 2nd Gen Owner 4 Wheel Drive V8 Engine

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    Apr 11, 2018
    Sport trac 2007 gen 2

    Hi all! I have the weirdest problem. Suddenly the brake warning light and open doors light are lit and that caused the radio, instrument gauge lights, high beam light, hazard arrow lights, the 4x4 controls to be out of function.

    I cant understand the problem at all. Had the car at a garage to check it out but with no luck. They plugged in their computer and could read that there was some communication problem somewhere in the dashboard but that is all their computer could find out. They changed a bulb in the instrument gauge that was out and they checked all the fuses and did several tests.

    I have read in several threads that changing the battery could help? I have charged the battery and also I had 14V coming out when the engine was idling.

    My brake pads are really thin on the front axle and are about the be replaced. Was starting to think that the brake wear warning was causing this problem. Brake fluid is at normal level though.

    Is there anybody that has experienced the same problem or even better have a solution for me?

    Thanks!! Bjorn //Sweden, representing sport trac :)

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