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Fuel filter line Update

Thread in 'Maintenance / Service' started by Gary DiPietroSr, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Gary DiPietroSr

    Gary DiPietroSr Well-Known Member 1st Gen Owner V6 Engine

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    Nov 3, 2000
    Oxford, CT
    Had a real snafu with my trac last night. It's been running rough and sputtering under load. I thought maybe it's time to replace the fuel filter. I've done before so no big deal right? NOT!! I couldn't get that efin connector off the outlet side for nothing. Tried different tools to no end. Ended up cutting the tube on the old filter and got a look at what was wrong inside the disconnect. One of the spring clips was bent and it caused the tool not to work. By the time I got it apart, the whole connector was shot and the fuel line doesn't lock in. :banghead: Can I just buy the short flex fuel line and then cut the metal fuel line and splice it with a flaring tool and fittings? Yesterday I was ready for the nut house after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the damn thing apart. :fire:The only good part is the car lift in my garage.

    I was able to find a set of clips. They are what's inside the disconnect fitting. So I should be able to replace the clip and save myself from changing the fuel line.
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  2. Todd Z

    Todd Z Well-Known Member 2nd Gen Owner V6 Engine V8 Engine

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    Sep 21, 2003
    Suffolk County (Long Island), NY
    Many have tried to repair, They do sell repair ends just need the right size.....

    I have also seen people go to the Chevy style and flair on fittings and just use a Gm filter.

    But finding the complete line depending on the year is a nightmare....

    Sorry man

    Todd Z
  3. Igor Smetaniuk

    Igor Smetaniuk Active Member 1st Gen Owner V6 Engine

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    Apr 21, 2011
    Glen Spey, NY
    I can remember many times fighting to get my filter off and at times it would suddenly release like butter. This had me perplexed so I had to figure out why it was doing this when I finally learned that if I pushed the connector toward the fitting first and then engaging the tool inside the connector it just oozed right off. I'm betting that was your problem too. You probably engaged the connector with the tool while the connector was under tension.

    I never looked to see where the line leads to from the filter but I recently took my 2001 Trac off the road and planning to part out. I'm in NY at the PA state line just north of I-84. I'm originally from New Haven so you're not that far from me. Problem is that I don't have a lift so it'd be a little more of a pain in the ass to remove. Is it the front line or rear that you need?

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